NH Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge

Jan 05, 2021

On Jan. 18, New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility and the Diversity Workforce Coalition will launch the NH Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge, a four-week virtual workshop series to support NH employers and employees in creating equitable workplaces.

Join the conversation: http://ow.ly/XkvO50CPHxf

The NH Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge provides individuals and teams in the New Hampshire workforce community a way to:

  • Learn about the history and dynamics of how racism manifests at the individual, interpersonal, organization, and systemic levels. 
  • Gain insights into NH history and current imperatives on issues relating to racial equity.
  • Discover local resources and leaders working on these issues so you can support, amplify, and/or complement this work.  
  • Have a space for dialogue with other organizational leaders to reflect and consider how you can take action and invest your resources for change in the most effective ways.

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