Science & Practices to Keep People Safe & Businesses Productive

The Project ECHO Team at Dartmouth-Hitchcock invites you to join our newest ECHO

Science & Practices to Keep People Safe & Businesses Productive

as COVID-19 Continues

Launches January 27th 2021

Every other Wednesday from 12:00-1:00 pm EST

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, understanding of the virus and strategies to keep people safely engaged in productive work and business encounters is evolving. This second DH ECHO series on COVID-19 for employers and organizational leaders will examine advances in scientific understanding of COVID-19 and its prevention and management. It will explore timely new topics of importance such as strategic distribution of COVID vaccines, emerging perspectives on aerosols and ventilation, business travel considerations, and operationalization of pods to safely maximize social and work interactions. It will update more familiar topics such as PPE, surface and facility hygiene, regulatory changes, and emotional health during COVID with the latest information. Critical new topics will be integrated as they emerge. Each session will include a brief didactic and robust discussion. 


Invited Participants: Employers and their teams, organizational leaders, employee assistance/health/wellness personnel, occupational medicine professionals, worker advocates and representatives, other with interest.

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Free of Charge



What is Project ECHO?
Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) transforms the way education and knowledge are delivered. This telementoring model uses video-conferencing technology to connect participants with subject matter experts. ECHO® sessions use case-based learning to provide education. Participants learn from experts, participants learn from each other, and experts learn from participants as best practice emerge. 

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